Archive Redis to Riak


Redis is nice for dealing with data as it is relevant and changing, but once it goes a little stale, you probably want to archive it to free up resources.
Wouldn't it be nice to be able to archive it and still be able to query it?

Using my new redisscan module, this script scrapes Redis, value by value, diving into the structures, and preserves it in Riak in a normalized way.
You could then query the same keys in Riak or restore it back to Redis at any time.

Redisscan does most of the hard work of diving into each value of Redis keys.
The biggest trick here is preserving List ordering when restoring back to Redis.

This approach is not atomic, so keys can change out from under it.
A better approach might be an rdb file analyzer, but this allows us to scan production data without an rdb file using the new SCAN commands.
Your use case may not be appropriate for this approach.

When I've added advanced pattern matching and Riak indexing, I'll turn this into a standalone project.
For now this is just a proof-of-concept to share.